Koh Samet and on the coast of Rayong Province.

a’more hotels&resort

a’more hotels&resort It is a chain of hotels and resorts. located on Koh Samet and on the coast of Rayong Province Every accommodation in the a’more chain has a distinctive feature, being close to the sea, having a private beach. Customers can walk down to the beach. and can swim in the sea just a few steps away

a’more hoste&resort consists of Samed Cabana Resort, La Lune Beach Resort, Malibu Samed Resort, all 3 resorts located on the beach. The top of Koh Samet is peaceful, not crowded. Another resort on Koh Samet is located in the area of Ao Klang, Ao Noi Na, with nature. private beach Giving the feeling that the customer has come to fully relax is Samed Hideaway Resort.

Another one of our resorts located on the beach between Suan Son Beach and Laem Mae Phim Beach, Rayong Province. Rayong Chalet Hotel is a hotel that has both hotel and bungalow styles on the beach. This hotel has a private beach. with a length of up to 120 meters, can walk down to the beach without having to walk across the road There are many activities to do, both on the beach and the hotel. There are also 3 conference rooms to accommodate. Organizing meetings, seminars, banquets and parties

The resort is located on Koh Samet's second largest Vangduean Beach. On a 120 meter stretch of white sand beach, Samed Cabana Resort is just off the coast of Rayong Province, a place close to Bangkok. that is suitable for the holidays of your customers Whether staying with family, friends or couples, we have room service as appropriate. The rooms are decorated with brown wooden bungalow style. Cut with the blue of the sea of Koh Samet. is spacious warm atmosphere close to nature There are 5 types of rooms to choose from.

Located on Vongdeuan beach. Which is the most popular beach on Koh Samet. Lalune Beach Resort is suitable for those looking for relaxation and entertainment at the same time. together in Koh Samet With a location that is just away from the city center Guests therefore travel to various tourist attractions. in the city quickly and easily This property also has a special charm. with a clean environment Decorated in modern loft style All rooms have a private balcony. overlooking the outdoor pool divided into 2 pools There are both children's pools and adult pools. and an on-site restaurant.

Accommodation on Koh Samet Resort location Located in Ao Noi Na, a small bay located in the north of Koh Samet, so it’s quite calm, peaceful, not chaotic, located in Ao Noi Na. Further north of Koh Samet, there is a small bay near a fishing village. The atmosphere here is different from other beaches. of Koh Samet because there are only a few resorts Although the beach may not be as white as other places. But the cleanliness and purity of nature is excellent. play in the water with peace of mind Suitable for customers who want to come on vacation. Whether with family, a group of friends or a couple, Samed Hideaway Resort is always ready to serve customers.

Located in Ao Wong Duean For those who stay by the sea Here is another place that is suitable for a beach vacation for families, groups of friends or couples, providing a relaxing atmosphere and entertainment at the same time. It will look like a single house. and in the form of open twin houses connected to each other Decorated with the theme of white, cream, brown, giving the room a comfortable afternoon in the garden. Surrounded by small and large trees Gives a shady, cool atmosphere

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Marine activities by the beach ready to serve all customers.

Every accommodation in the a’more chain has a distinctive feature, being close to the sea, with a private beach. Customers can walk down to the beach. and can swim in the sea just a few steps away